Engaging with Researchers to Encourage Discovery


The mission of the Chicago Diabetes Research & Training Center  is to promote new discoveries and enhance scientific progress by supporting cutting-edge basic and clinical research on the etiology of diabetes and its complications.

DRTC Leadership

Our steering committee is made up of 12 faculty members from a range of our member institutions including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Tech, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Current Funding Opportunities

The Beatson Foundation provides grants for research and programs for education and management of Type 1 Diabetes. This year the foundation will be funding up to 5 grants each at $125,000/year for 2 years for direct support, with an additional 10% for IDC. The topics of the research are limited to type 1 diabetes and its related complications. The deadline for submission is Feb. 16, 2024 and the results of the selection process will be announced in May 2024.

Application will be accepted from all academic and research faculties including outstanding biomedical researchers with academic rank of a) Senior Instructors (after at least two years at this level); b) Assistant Professor or higher from accredited institutions  

Please visit the website for more information regarding the many grants that the Beatson Foundation has supported for the last few years and the process for submission of the application.

Interested applicants may download application materials at https://www.beatsonfoundation.org/grant-application-download/